Welcome to the University of Lincoln’s School of Geography blog

The School of Geography at Lincoln represents one of the most significant investments in UK University Geography for a generation. It is focused around the theme of the Inhabited Earth with particular emphasis on the safety and health aspects of global environments. Given that most of the world’s people are now divided between urban centres and rural populations, we also include social issues that affect both, such as crime and deprivation, as well as pollution and natural hazards, notably floods and droughts. There are therefore close links with the new interdisciplinary Lincoln Centre for Water and Planetary Health.

Geography is an integrative subject that aims to provide the intellectual tools necessary to understand the relationship between human society and its environment, and the issues that challenge our future.

Our BA and BSc (Hons) undergraduate courses are designed to develop subject understanding and geographical skills progressively in the context of real-world problems, with the aim of enabling students to apply their learning to contemporary global challenges. We also wish for our students to become technically and conceptually equipped by linking their learning to this research environment.

The foundational Head of School is Professor Mark Macklin, whose expertise lies in river systems, global environmental change and in catchment hazard and pollution issues.