The School of Geography is delighted to welcome five new academics to its extensive team!

We’d like to introduce the following new additions:

Dr Mark SchuerchSenior Lecturer – Coastal Processes and Management/Hydro and Morphodynamics

Start date – 4th June 2018

Dr Mark Schuerch is a coastal Geographer, who graduated and completed his PhD at the University of Kiel, Germany. 

His research interests are the assessment of coastal wetland vulnerability towards global change and the exploration of the potential of ecosystem-based adaptation in the coastal zone.


Dr Matthew Hannaford, Lecturer – Historical-Cultural Geography/Environment History

Start date – 11th June 2018

Dr Matthew Hannaford is a historical geographer with interests at the interface of historical climatology, environmental history and climate change adaptation. 

His research asks how the past can inform current environmental challenges by reconstructing past climate variability and studying historical social responses to environmental hazards, with a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa. He completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield, and is joining the School after two years of postdoctoral research at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.


Dr Harriet Moore , Lecturer – Economic Geography

Start date – 1st May 2018

Harriet Elizabeth Moore is a lecturer in Economic Geography in the School of Geography. She completed her Master of Environment and Doctorate of Science at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Moore specialises in the study of resource management and policy, and environmental psychology. Her research addresses social and environmental problems, drawing on theories and frameworks from behavioural psychology, geopolitics, political ecology, and economic geography, including New Institutional Economics and regional growth theories. 

She has conducted field research in Northern Thailand about community forest management, and in Australia about river restoration projects. Her interests include the nexus of economic distribution, social marginalisation, and environmental degradation, and problems related to implementing, and maintaining social and environmental interventions.


Dr Luca Mao, Senior Lecturer – River Processes and Hydrology/Water Resources and Management

Start date – 16th July 2018

Dr Luca Mao is a fluvial geomorphologist, with expertise in processes related to sediment transport, channel changes due to floods, and human impacts on fluvial systems. Luca holds a PhD from the University of Padua in Italy and completed a post-doctorate at the University of Hull. 

He will be moving to Lincoln in July from the Catholic University of Chile, where he has been working over the past 6 years on topics related to the dynamics and recent changes of Andean rivers.


Dr Kristen Beck, Lecturer – Quaternary Science/Earth System Science

Start date – 14th May 2018 

Kristen specialises in Quaternary Science and Biogeography and completed her undergraduate and Master’s degree at the University of Toronto, Canada, and then moved on to the University of Melbourne, Australia to complete her PhD in Geography. Her primary research interests are reconstructing terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem through time using palaeoecological data, with a specific focus on the roles of climate and disturbance in driving environmental change through the Late Quaternary. 

Her previous work focused on disentangling the relationships between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem dynamics in Tasmania, Australia, through the late Pleistocene using high resolution multiproxy palaeoecological data. Kristen’s research aims to look at the relationships between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem dynamics through time by using high-resolution multi-proxy palaeoecological data to interrogate temporal correlations between these systems in response to environmental change.

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