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Deputy Head of the School of Geography, Dr Gary Bosworth, and his colleagues in the Migration, Inter-Connectivity and Regional Development (MICaRD) research network will be delivering a symposium on 25th – 27th April 2018.

Dr Gary Bosworth, Deputy Head of the School of Geography and Head of the Rural Research Group.

It will be take place at the University of Lincoln –  hosted jointly by the Lincoln International Business School and Lincoln School of Geography – and is funded by the Regional Studies Association.

“The symposium aims to foreground migrant perspectives and experiences, and situate these within contemporary debates on migration and the socio-political context of Brexit Britain as well as the broader debates on migration across Europe. Current political, media and scholarly debates on migration overwhelmingly revolve around the quantifiable economic contribution of migrant workers and less around migrant subjectivities, working lives, wellbeing and contribution to local communities.

Through this symposium, we seek to give greater visibility to migrant experiences. Beyond dominant neoliberal discourses, migrants’ contributions go past the economic into the social and local community spheres, aspects that are important for community cohesion but often under-valued in mainstream debates. Migrant lives and identities are shaped and affected – enabled as well as constrained – by spatial contexts and social relationships as well as place-based socio-economic and political structures.”