On Monday 5th February 2018 the School of Geography’s Visiting Professor, Dirk Strijker, will be presenting a guest lecture on European Agriculture, 3 – 4.30pm in MB1010, Minerva Building, University of Lincoln.

The abstract for Prof Strijker‘s lecture,”The Centre of gravity of EU-9 agriculture” is below.

It will be shown that when Britain entered the EU in 1973, together with Denmark and Ireland, this had a visible impact on the location of the centre of gravity for agriculture. The spatial development turned to the northwest, because the higher EU-prices triggered both agricultural land use and production in Britain. However, this lecture will suggest that leaving the EU will not have the opposite effect, as EU-prices and British prices will remain at the world market level. The lecture will also explore questions about how the upcoming differences in agricultural policy could have a range of alternative impacts.

For more information about this lecture, please contact Deputy Head of the School of Geography, Dr Gary Bosworth: gbosworth@lincoln.ac.uk