The School of Geography are delighted to announce a series of seminars, covering a range of topics from economic growth to extreme weather. 

Held every Wednesday in on Campus, the talks will be delivered by academics at the University of Lincoln and visiting guest lecturers.

The first lecture in the series, entitled, “Unmasking the Spatio-Temporal Undertones of Boko Haram Insurgency by Integrating Multiple Data Signals” and will be delivered by Dr Adegbola Ojo, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Lincoln.


Boko Haram has consistently featured amongst the deadliest terrorist organisations on the globe. Since the beginning of the current millennium, the group has launched high profile and devastating attacks on the northern part of Nigeria causing thousands of fatalities. The global periscope focused on Boko Haram after the acclaimed kidnapping of 276 school girls from their dormitory in the town of Chibok in 2014. However, much of the local and global response to the crisis has been dominated by theoretical debates with minimal empirical contributions. As a result, first responders and law enforcement agents struggle to cope with planning for and responding to the aftermath of insurgency attacks. This seminar makes a modest empirical contribution towards a new understanding of the insurgency problem in the northern part of Nigeria. The talk will showcase how a range of spatial modelling techniques have been used to unveil fresh evidence about the underlying geographical and sequential tactics of Boko Haram. The implications of these tactics will be discussed especially in relation to operational response. The seminar will also chart some directions of further work.

Dates of the upcoming lectures can be viewed here and all are welcome to attend.

Please forward any queries to Dr Gary Bosworth, Deputy Head of the School of Geography: