On Wednesday 4th October 2017, first year students and staff at the School of Geography, University of Lincoln, went on their first field trip as part of their studies.

The field trip was set in Lincolnshire and the party followed the River Witham from Lincoln to Horncastle, Boston and the Wash. In Horncastle and Boston, students were tasked with examining the history of flooding and its cause in each town.

Meteorological studies were carried out by students to identify factors affecting microclimates in Central Lincoln and Gibraltar Point. They also investigated water quality in the Brayford Pool in relation to the Fossdyke and the Witham feeds. At Gibraltar Point, Vicky Bush from the Lincs Wildlife Trust, also gave a talk on the history of the site and supported staff to run an exercise identifying changes of flora across the salt marsh and sand dunes.

Students then had the opportunity to explore uphill Lincoln and Skegness to identify the different ways in which tourism shaped each place. They interviewed local businesses about the impact of tourism and linked their observations to data about social deprivation to assess whether there were any links between the types of tourism and the quality of life in each destination.

All students involved worked hard and enjoyed their first field trip with the School and delivered some great presentations on their final day.