School Director of Teaching and Learning Receives Special Recognition

School of Geography Director of Teaching & Learning and Senior Lecturer in Urban Geography & Applications of Big Data, Dr Adegbola Ojo, has been recognised by Merseyside Police Force for the impact of his research and capacity building efforts.

Over the last twelve months, Dr Ojo has developed a suite of quantitative and spatial analytical techniques useful for determining where law enforcement resources should be focused; evaluating whether operational strategies are effective or not; and examining whether law enforcement staff work in accordance with good practice guidelines. Merseyside Police Force benefitted from capacity building activities wrapped around these knowledge-oriented techniques.

Pictured is Dr Ojo with a member of Merseyside Police.
Pictured is Dr Ojo with a member of Merseyside Police.

Speaking at the Evidence-Based Practice Ambassador Recognition Event which was held at Merseyside Police Headquarters on 29th September 2017, Assistant Chief Constable, Julie Cooke noted that current research needs to be embedded in the entire policing decision-making process right from the beginning. Merseyside Police Force set up the Evidence Based Practice Knowledge Hub in February 2017 to allow for cross-fertilisation of cutting edge academic research and policing experience.

In addition to recognising Dr Ojo’s contributions, Merseyside Police have agreed to partner with him to design and implement an ambitious research project. The project will integrate multiple signals of granular covert criminogenic and ancillary datasets for the purpose of simulating and predicting urban crime patterns. Attention will be paid to firearm discharges, organised criminal gangs and spatio-temporal mobility dynamics of offenders and victims within the built environment.