Our School’s Prof Edward Hanna and Dr Richard Hall recently participated in an international research workshop which reviewed the current state of the science on linkages between Arctic climate change and mid-latitude weather extremes.
The event was held at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) in Helsinki on 12th-14th September 2017, and focussed on the effects of Arctic forcing on European weather and climate relative to other influences, and it is planned to complete a research paper on this topic for a leading international peer-reviewed journal.
Pictured, Dr Hall
Prof Hanna and Dr Hall both delivered talks on their recent related research results:
Prof Hanna’s talk covered “Arctic amplification, Greenland Blocking, North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) relations and links with UK extreme weather and climate change, 1900-2016”, and Dr Hall discussed “Arctic/North Atlantic/NAO/Europe ties”.
Following the workshop, group member Prof Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University, USA, gave an excellent public lecture on the accumulating observational evidence of links between Arctic changes and mid-latitude weather extremes. There is a possibility that certain types of extreme weather over the UK could be affected by Arctic change, and – through Prof Hanna and Dr Hall’s work, the University of Lincoln is closely involved in research that aims to address the underlying causes of recent changes in UK weather. The workshop continues a tradition from several similar meetings held in Iceland, the USA, UK and Japan over recent years.
Both Prof Hannah and Dr Hall are grateful to the International Arctic Science Committee and Climate and Cryosphere project of the World Climate Research Programme, for providing travel support, and to the FMI for their superb hospitality.