We are delighted to announce Professor Edward Hanna and Dr. Richard Hall (newly appointed postdoctoral researcher) both of the School of Geography, have co-written a research paper published in scientific international journal, Climate Dynamics.

Their co-authored paper covers work undertaken to analyse the past few decades’ changes in air and sea temperatures in Greenland and the relationship with sea-ice and atmospheric circulation changes, all for the autumn season where not much work has previously been undertaken.

Strong relations were found for west Greenland, where increased high pressure over the Greenland Ice Sheet has enhanced southerly winds, driving warmer air onshore, and is related to reduced sea-ice conditions. However, air temperatures and sea-ice conditions in east Greenland are much less directly related. The paper adds weight to recent evidence of key interactions between climate change in Greenland and surrounding sea-ice conditions, where rapid changes in the latter can enhance Greenland warming and ice melt on a regional basis.

Sea Ice
Sea ice

The paper is a product of an international collaboration between scientists in the USA, Denmark and the School of Geography, University of Lincoln UK. The lead author is Dr. Thomas Ballinger of Texas State University.

Professor Hanna has also recently published an article on North Atlantic Oscillation.

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