Mark Macklin, Head of the School of Geography at the University of Lincoln, has recently undertaken fieldwork in New Zealand, as part of an appointment with Massey University, NZ.

Part of Mark’s field has been looking into recreating flood histories at Whanganui River, a major river located to the North of the island. The country’s third-longest river, it has received special status owing to its importance to the region’s Māori people.

Investigations into the area’s flood histories have so far been an interesting task, which involved an initial reconnaissance at the site before further work commenced.

Pictured below (right) is Mark standing adjacent to a barn in Whanganui which shows how high the flood levels reached in 1990. A more recent flood in June 2015 actually reached the top of the blue door!

Below is the stunning drone footage taken during fieldwork in Whanganui, checking coring sites on the valley meander cut off of the Whanganui River at Atene.

We will continue to provide updates on Mark’s fieldwork.

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